Animator and stuff


I am Swifty, a minor (13-14) and animator and artist. My pronouns are Paw/Paws/Pawself and Feis/fei/feiself
My interests / stuff i wanna do are animation, art, music production
My list of stuffs:
i dont have any triggers,
platonic flirting: nty, make me uncomfy, specially from non minors.
dms: yes!
friend requests: ask first
hugs: yes!
pet names: things like relationship pet names, nty, but /pla pet names are fine (i.e, love, darling, etc)

Do not interact and Before you interact!

Support pedophilia/zoophilia
Are homophobic, transphobic, racist, abelist, sexist, anti-BLM etc.
If you force your religion onto others
Nsfw accs. I am a minor. Specifically if the account posts nsfw stuff, 18+ people are fine
If you seriously ship irl people
if you use slurs. Just, plz dont around me
If you dont use tone tags / indicators. I am very dumb and will not understand
Superstraights, leave my page hetero scum /j. But seriously, never interact if you are superstraight
If you are anti furry.
If you support trump. If you supported him in the past but dont anymore your good.
If you support Draikinator, Lupis Vulpes, Spunkeii, nightwing, rose writes, crystalcolors, Euphoria's Wings, Creepshow art, and basically anyone who’s done shitty things online. Ew, leave
talk to me when your over 30. Sorry, it just makes me uncomfortable.
If you talk to me when your under 13. Im comfortable with it but its a safety thing for you, please get off of the internet, child.
(If i blacklisted someone its because they hurt me, my friends, and/or has done something thats on the list above that makes me uncomfortable.
you can ask me if youre curious, but i may not always be comfortable answering.)
BYII am very socially anxious, plz note that i may not respond if you dm me for non commision reasons
please use tone tags / indicators
Im very sensitive
If im being annoying or hurtful please tell me in a nice manner. I recognize i can be a bitch sometimes and just wanna grow to be better.
Please dont give mean critism to my art, and constructive criticism only when i ask for it <3